Wednesday, 2 September 2009

a country mouse makes sausage rolls

I've overdosed on being in the kitchen recently so we had a lazy dinner tonight of vegetarian sausage rolls with beans. Little R wolfed them so they definitely count as a success for country mouse. This was another Fay Ripley recipe (p.52). Fay calls them Sausage Rolls on the Run, as if you are only stopping by your kitchen for just long enough to make them in between exciting adventures.

You unroll some shop-bought puff pastry, cut it into 6 squares, brush one edge of each with beaten egg yolk and milk then roll up and squash the ends together. Fay scattered sesame seeds on top but I didn't have any. I baked them for 15 mins at fan 180deg and that was enough. Fay said 200degC for 20-25 mins. Perhaps that would be necessary for meat sausages but I used Quorn ones. Next time I will use more interesting veggie sausages rather than just the plain Quorn bangers, but they were good and, most importantly, well received.

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  1. I've recently discovered venison sausages are a delicious and very low fat tea time option...however the thought of Bambi might be even more abhorrent to a country mouse than the thought of which case, stick with the quorn ;)
    I am actually very inspired by your step by step cookery demos and plan to try them out. I may also trawl amazon in search of the perfect family cookbook....or else just keep up with your blog and prevent the need to ever think what's for dinner again! Thank you country mouse.