Wednesday, 2 September 2009

a country mouse cycles

Today was the first sunny afternoon in ages, so Little R and I went for a cycle along the local cycle path. This was Little R's first time on the cycle path with her big girl bike so she was learning the etiquette of being passed by other cyclists and dog walkers ("Aaaah, mum, mum!"). I was so pleased with her determination. She wobbled off the path twice and landed in the bushes but even though she was howling and tears were streaming down her face she would not hear of going back to the car but got back on her bike and kept right on pedalling. She doesn't get it from me.
We stopped for a breather and Little R picked this flower for my handlebars (above). I can't believe how far she managed to go and we will definitely be doing this again if the weather permits.
The photo above of the 2 bikes is a homage to a photo on my favourite blog, which has inspired me to get on my bike in more ways than one:

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