Friday, 4 September 2009

a country mouse goes to town

Country Mouse, Little R, Country Mouse's friend and her 2 small boys all went to town today on the bus. We left the car at our friend's house and caught the local bus: a new experience for Little R. There are no, or very few, buses where we live so she has only known the car, with all the CDs, toys and books necessary to aid Madam's travelling comfort.The purpose of our visit was a visit to a child-friendly exhibition at the museum plus lunch. We had a lovely time at the museum and the children were very well behaved. The exhibition was about a baby bee's travels and travails and there were lots of things for the children to touch, look at, lift up, climb over, switch on, etc. A big success.
Little R was particularly taken by the tame pigeons in the pedestrian precinct (above) and Country Mouse got a new pair of shoes for her weary paws in the M&S sale for £13 (below). After a busy day, it will be M&S pizza for tea this evening. Country Mouse will resume normal service as soon as she's had a bit of a sit down and a nice cup of tea.

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