Thursday, 10 September 2009

a country mouse gets sudsy

We have quite a colony of big furry butterflies at the moment, despite the frequent heavy rain, and often have 10 or 12 crashing around on the buddleia bush outside the kitchen window all at the one time. If they weren't so beautiful I'd call it an infestation. I just googled to find out the correct term for a group of butterflies and, euphonically enough, it is a rabble of butterflies.

And inside the kitchen window is the sink. Below are some pictures of my number one obsession: dishwashing. I cannot get enough of soap suds (has to be Fairy Liquid), sponges, knitted dishcloths and wooden dish brushes. I have to actively force myself to put things into the dishwasher sometimes instead of filling up a nice deep basin and plunging in up to the elbows.Most of the cloths in the basket above are from Ikea (should you be inspired to stock up) and those below are from Aldi. They come in packs of 3 and are really cheap. I love the luxury of using one once then tossing it into the laundry. They are so thick and soft, and just get better and better the more they are washed. They're also good for washing the worktops as their texture means they scrub as they go along but they are soft enough not to leave any marks. I love to fill up a big basin of really hot soapy water and wash the worktops and the sink. Hmm, am I revealing too much here? Is this actually a little beyond an obsession?
I had the perfect excuse for a thorough dishwashing session today though as I bought the little coffee cups and saucers below in the charity shop this morning for £3. They are bone china, and really unusual. Also completely intact, if a little dusty.
Straight into the hot water with them, and now here is the squeaky clean result:

Oops, a bit blurry again, but you get the general idea. I have promised myself I will not leave them to gather dust in a cupboard but will use them regularly and enjoy them. I had been pining for a cute little plate I'd seen in Country Living but could not justify the expense and am so glad now that I didn't succumb. Here is the link so you can have a little drool: It is sweet, but stay-at-home Country Mice can't be choosers and I am very happy with my pre-loved coffee cups instead.
Time for a coffee and perhaps a bit more apple cake and then - hooray! - there'll be a cup and a plate to wash up. Splish splash splosh.


  1. I'd spotted that Portmeirion plate too! (my Mum gets Country Living and I inherit them once she's finished)

    Very nice tea set you got instead though.

    You can come and do my dishes any time, can't say I'm a fan of that particular task.

  2. I too, love to collect dishtowels. Nice start to your blog. Hope it's OK to follow.

  3. Garden Bell - Yes, it is absolutely Ok to follow! More than OK - I am delighted!!!

    Andamento - I bet John Lewis sells out of that plate. The power of Country Living.