Monday, 7 September 2009

a country mouse has lots of apples

Above, what's left of Little R's plum chutney and plum jam, having distributed a few jars amongst carefully selected recipients (the kind ones, who will say nice things about it).

We were given a big bag of delicious apples yesterday from the tree in Little R's Granny and Grandado's garden, so made a fruit crumble with the remainder of the plums added in to make things more interesting.

Added oats to the crumble mixture to kid ourselves on it was healthy (fruit plus oats, after all). Then made it even more healthy by inadvertently leaving out the sugar that should have been added to the crumble before pouring it over the fruit. Oops. After a week of recipes you might think Country Mouse would have learned to read them properly, or even to check as she goes along, but no.

Still, the fruit underneath was lovely even if the crumble was not. The plums were definitely a good addition and Country Mouse was VERY glad when she finished de-stoning the last of them.

Above, a wee charity shop find when we were at the museum the other day. I spotted them in the window as we walked by and darted in to buy them as I thought the price tickets said 39p each. When I got into the shop I found they were actually 89p each and the price gun just had a faint 8. I paid up. It's for charidee.

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  1. I like the spotty plates, a bargain even at 89p I'd say.