Thursday, 1 October 2009

a country mouse has some visitors

We were greeted yesterday morning by two curly-horned sheep making themselves at home on the lawn. Little R was delighted, "They must have knowed I always wanted pet sheep!" The sheep spent most of the day there and on our neighbours' lawns before being recaptured by the farmer so Little R was able to keep up a running commentary on their activities, like a mini David Attenborough. "Now a magpie has landed. Now they are looking at the magpie. Now one of them has done a sheep's dropping!"

Having seen off the sheep, Little R made a treasure hunt for me to follow. The treasure map (below) depicts me at various stages of the hunt and shows my newly short hair, which Little R says makes me look like Mowgli.

The hunt involved following a line of toys, cardboard boxes and dolls house furniture leading through the TV room, upstairs and into the upstairs hall. Each item had a little plastic farm animal underneath or inside it and each animal had to be found then listened to while it told me a clue (usually, "Keep going.").

I was thoroughly charmed, lavishing praise and taking photographs, until I came to the treasure. It was a tube of smarties I'd already told her that day she couldn't have. Out-smartied once again.
This sunflower was planted by Little R with her now retired nursery teacher whom she adored and whose word was quoted as law, Mrs Borland. It's now 7 foot tall and flourishing in the biting autumn weather.

Above and below are photos of some lovely hand-embroidered table linen I bought in the charity shops of Forres and Elgin. I have no idea what I'm going to do with my rapidly growing pile of this sort of thing but feel compelled to rescue it given how much effort has gone into creating it. Perhaps one day I will lead the kind of life in which beautiful table linen has a role.

And this, below, is a status report on my Findhorn blanket. I posted a photo earlier of me on Findhorn beach having a go at the early stages. I did a good chunk last night at the little craft night I do with some friends. It's an ideal project for the craft night as it doesn't take any brain power at all and so doesn't interfere with the important business of chatting and eating home baking. I have messed up two tapestries and some silk bootees in the past through doing too much of the chatting and eating and not enough of the concentrating. Come to think of it, that is the story of my life.

As you can see, it has gone a bit wonky at the edges already but in country mouse's opinion that's all part of the charm. I will keep going until the variegated wool from the time-warp wool shop runs out and then cosy up in it with a nice bit of cheese, oops I mean cup of tea and a biscuit.

Squeak to you soon. Love, Country Mouse xx


  1. You've got the Ikea tray that I want! I went to Ikea to buy it one day and completely forgot when I got there, I only remembered once I was back home. I am a numpty!

    Nice blanket!

  2. Glad you like the blanket. It will soon be big enough to keep me warm as i work on it - has to be a good thing in this weather.