Sunday, 4 October 2009

a country mouse goes for an unexpected bike ride

Another harvest of apples from Grandado and Little Granny's tree. I was just contemplating making apple chutney when my friend rang and invited me to join her on a bike ride. She had already been out and about for hours, making an epic journey uphill and down dale, and suggested I come along for the nice easy section along the cycle path, via a car boot sale. Bargains ahoy. I strapped on my helmet and wobbled off in first gear.This is the bike post-car boot sale. Predictably, when I got home DH was wondering how it was possible to go out on a bike ride and still spend money. The orange bag contains a fish tank which cost £2 (despite already owning a hamster, named Beautiful Rose, Little R longs for a goldfish) and the other bag contains a jar of elderberry and apple jelly (£1).

My friend and I parted company a mile or two after the car boot sale and I went back the way I'd come, puffing and still wobbling but very pleased with my expedition. I think I went about 7 miles in all, which is not bad for a lazy little kitchen mouse such as myself. This is a photo of a view from one of my many stops to admire the scenery (ahem).

This, below, is the view from the cycle path as it reaches the village. Home at last, rather redder than when I set off.

And these are my purchases. Little R and I filled the tank and switched on the pump to get the water ready for when Mrs Goldie joins the family. That's a wee friend for Mrs Goldie, patiently awaiting her arrival.

After lunch, Little R and I headed off for Tesco (how I hate that place), leaving happy DH to watch the football in peace. We took the scenic route and paused to take a photo.
It was country mouse's made up sausage and bean stew for dinner tonight. A birra this, a birra that, bish bash bosh. I fried the sausages then set aside, then softened finely chopped onion, carrot and leeks plus some whole shallots and some mushrooms, then poured in flageolet beans, tomatoes and vegetable stock before adding the sausages back to pan, covering and simmering for about 40 mins. We had it with mashed potatoes with some of the cream left over from Sophie Dahl's baked onions.
I made loads so that will be tomorrow night's dinner too. Phew, a night off from cooking!


  1. 7 miles is pretty good!

    Love the river pictures.

    That stew looks really tasty, yum! I think I may try and make that this week, with the addition of dough balls perhaps.

  2. Hi there
    just stumbled across your blog, what great scenery you have around you I don't think I dare cycle around the London streets I don't think I'd survive!! and your dinner looks scrummy.
    Have a great week

  3. wow that is a gorgeous view!! so jealous!!

  4. Gosh, what a thrill! Two ladies who have stumbled across this blog! It is so strange to think that my photos of chopping onions are appearing on computer screens in London and the US!

  5. Hi there! I've been following andamento's bike rides and today I've enjoyed yours. Great rive shots!
    That stew looks yummy! Perfect for autumn weather.