Wednesday, 21 October 2009

a country mouse has a happy halloween

Little R just discovered that her aunt's wedding, at which she will be a flower girl, is taking place on Halloween and so she will not be going out guising. Cue shrieks and gnashing of teeth. I love Halloween too so we're having it early in this house. I have happy memories of a Halloween in Nova Scotia, where these things are done in style. So far we have a paper lantern pumpkin garland up in the hall, a witch-on-a-broomstick-shaped helium balloon and orange halloween straws with pumpkins and bats on them. The witch balloon is giving me the creeps. It drifts around of its own accord from room to room and it can be rather disconcerting to find it in the bedroom when two minutes ago it was downstairs getting in my way in the kitchen.
Below is a close up what Little R calls her Mildred Hubble dress, which is proving to be a great bargain in terms of price per wear as the fashion magazines say when persuading you to buy Agnes B instead of Dotty P.
The last few days have been busy and not particularly photogenic but I did manage to pick up a couple of bargains along the way. The Nigella jar above was from Cancer Research and cost £1. It needed a good scrub in - yay! - fairy liquid, but that was no hardship for country mouse. The wee book was 10p in another charity shop and the oven gloves were £4 in Matalan, reduced from £8. They are really good ones - long and heavily padded - and they have flowers and cupcakes on them. They are from Anthea Turner's range at Matalan, and I am now going to expose myself to great scorn by saying that I REALLY LIKE ANTHEA TURNER. No one else seems to. I say hooray for anyone who likes washing up as much as I do, and folding towels just the right way and using lavender water when ironing. And eating Flakes.
Here is the final version of the Findhorn blanket. I would have done a few more rows but my dad snaffled it to wrap up in against the cold winter breezes in his and mum's house. Mum is a fresh air fiend and does not agree with cosseting people with luxuries like central heating. I remember trying to study in that house when I was at uni and not being able to hold the pen properly because I had to wear gloves. Yes, they breed 'em tough in Scotland.
And finally, birthday cake no.4. Jelly Tots and everything. See, there are some good things about being 40.


  1. The blanket looks lovely - very kind of you to give it away, lucky Dad!
    We've no signs of Halloween here yet though I have bought the pumpkins but they're stashed away for now, perhaps I'll get a chance to carve them at the weekend rather than leave it too late as usual.
    Any more Birthday cakes on their way?!

  2. 4 birthday cakes! Wow! Will you get 5 at 50? I like your finds, the oven gloves look beautiful- I know you'll put them in good use.

  3. Fun cake. Loven' the grannie, very cool colors.

  4. Very Happy belated Birthday!! So sorry it's so late. You had your fair share of cake didn't you? And why not!

    The blanket is gorgeous. You can't beat home knits can you?

    You're a very clever 'mouse' :o)