Sunday, 19 September 2010

a country mouse needs a new camera

No photos at all today because Little R has broken my camera. Can any of you suggest a good replacement? It's my birthday next month so I'm allowed to call it an early birthday present. I can spend up to £100 and maybe a bit more if it is really worth it. I want one that I can pretty much just point and click if such a thing exists. What do you use?
love, countrymouse xx


  1. I posted here ( about the camera I use. I bought it from Amazon, you can probably still get them though I expect there are newer and possibly better models about now.

  2. I just asked the nice man at the camera shop. Sorry.

  3. I use a tiny little Lumix. It takes terrific photos and does everything else too if you wants it to but has a setting for idiots that I use all the time.

  4. Before we got our Belated wedding gift (camera) from both sets of parents, we were happily using Fuji FinePix (an old model now), but I'd recommend looking at an up-dated version. Hope that helps.

  5. Hi Louise
    My camera is a compact digital which I've had for about 4 years and I love it to bits! It takes great quality photos and is so slim and lightweight I carry it around all the time. The modern version of mine is: Fuji Finepix Z70 which is about £99 on the Jessops website - this new model has 12 megapixels and my old version only has 5.
    I can't really recommend it enough - and I'm sure you'll be delighted with it!
    Good luck and happy camera hunting!
    Denise x
    PS: The perfect Autumn dress is from a Vintage pattern I have, but I'll post about it next week and also I'll see if there's any new patterns like it too.
    Have a fab weekend!