Sunday 5 September 2010

a country mouse hits the beach

Little R starts full time at school tomorrow. I am going to miss her so much. We went straight from school to Lunderston Bay, our closest bit of sandy beach, one afternoon last week for a picnic and a last burst of paddling before autumn closes in.
On the way back we stopped at the Esplanade for a quick cycle and Little R took this picture of our shadows on the water. All very poignant for me and just an average day full of fun, adventure and ice cream for her. I was feeling very despondent until a friend pointed out to me that I can still go to the beach on my own, with a book, whereupon I brightened up considerably.
We also stopped at Gourock on the way back and visited a wool shop I've been meaning to check out for some time, called Once A Sheep. I was very restrained and only bought some ladybird buttons and an ergonomic crochet hook (the Attic 24 granny stripe is quite RSI-inducing) but was impressed by the lovely yarns and all the gadgety knitting accoutrements. Almost next door was the most amazing vintage clothes shop, called Parma Vintage. It really stopped me in my tracks. It was like the best charity shop you have ever been in, times a hundred, full of print dresses, vanity cases, handbags, hats...Definitely one for a child-free return visit.
Have you any idea why a car would be covered in post-it notes? Nor have I but I had to get a photo of it.
It was my turn to host the craft night this week so I had lots of fun getting out the charity shop embroidered tray cloths and baking chocolate chip cookies and caramel shortcake. Feeling all domestic goddessy, I even copied this month's Country Homes and Interiors suggestion for making a vase from a squash. I am aware that I need to get a life.
This was the first time I've ever made caramel shortcake and it will be the last. The recipe said to mix flour, coconut and melted butter for the base and to "press firmly" when pouring it into the baking tray, so I did. I added the caramel and chocolate with a generous hand to make up for it.
Finally, I'm still avidly watching The Great British Bake Off and still backing Miranda, although the smart money is on the skinny guy who lost ten stones. Really though, I'm lost in admiration for all of them. I wouldn't like to hear Mary's opinion of my efforts.


  1. I've had my share of poignant shadowy beach moments. I think it's the waves swishing that brings them on.

  2. Love the first photo, gorgeous sunny blues. The squash vase is pretty cool too. Wonder what was going on with the car, how bizarre!
    Enjoy your time to yourself tomorow, won't be long till 3pm comes round really.
    By the way, you're a runner up in my giveaway!

  3. It is so hard when children begin school, I cried me eyes out when our 2 went and felt a bit lost.....then you realise you can actually achieve a lot in a day (once you get over the ooooohh-what-shall-I-do-first-? feeling). I like 3pm pancakes and homework! Love the photo of that MAD car!

  4. What a fantastic day at the beach. You'll still have lots more of these experiences and make wonderful memories to treasure even though R is at school. Hope that we do some with you!
    L x

  5. Hope you've survived the first day of school. I've been watching The Great British Bake Off since reading your previous post. Couldn't believe that bloke crying when he was "evicted"!

  6. I don't have children, but reading about your feelings about R starting school f/t, tugged at my heart.

    I love the tablepiece. I'd do the same too :D Nothing wrong in being creative and sharing.

    Liking the sound of that Vintage Parma and the Knit shop. Will have to check it when I am in that direction. The High street there is changing so often.

    Yeah that car covered in post-it notes - interesting.

  7. A real time of change for you, but at least you can console yourself with further visits to those two lovely shops as well as lone trps to the beach. Your pretty flower arrangement is very autumnal but myabe we'll get just a bit more sunshine, fingers crossed.

  8. Great photos Louise. You never really get used to your child being away but somehow you end up being so accustomed to having that time as your own that it cancels out the longing-feeling! I don't think that makes sense but you know what I mean? Now..back to that squash vase...!