Tuesday, 25 August 2009

a country mouse shops

One of the many little things I appreciate about being an at-home mum is the chance to make frequent visits to the wonderful local charity shop. I can't believe what people give away. I have found some beautiful handmade things in the past which have obviously been made with a lot of love and it is so sad to think they have ended up in a cardboard box with a 50p price tag. So that's my excuse for snapping them up and bringing them home to be loved again.

Had great luck today when I was hunting for things with pretty fabric for cutting up at a later date when I learn to use a sewing machine (a current ambition). In the 50p baby-clothes box I found some sweet red gingham (actually Little White Company pyjama trousers - I know, the shop is incredible), a wee top with a strawberry pattern and also some well-worn wooden knitting needles. The plum tree in the garden is laden this year so perhaps I could use the gingham to decorate the forthcoming jars of plum jam and chutney. The strawberry material turned out to be Baby Gap and so I can't quite bring myself to cut it up. It may end up as a dress for Emma, Little R's favourite dolly, and I may reference its origins by splashing out on a red gingham ribbon for the waist to keep it on.

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