Friday, 28 August 2009

a country mouse in the garden

Hanging out Little R's clothes always reminds me of doing a dolly's washing when I was a wee girl. Unfortunately it all got soaked yesterday. It has rained here every single day this August and although I keep hanging out the washing in a spirit of optimism I am becoming a bit crushed by this.

Speaking of crushed, I found most of the lillies bashed down by last night's wind and rain. I cut the survivors this morning and brought them indoors. It's just as cold in this house as it is outdoors so I think they will be fine. They will probably become cryogenically preserved.

Still, there are lots of plums on the plum tree and the beans are doing well in the rain.
The plum tree is an espalier and needs regular attention, which it doesn't get, to keep its shape. I have netted the bottom half and the birds are welcome to have the high up plums. I apply the same philosophy to the raspberries so we have had some happy and well-fed birds this summer. I should have planted the beans properly in rows but there still seems to be a fairly good crop developing. It shows how effective slapdash gardening can be, so no need for country mouse to change her ways.

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