Wednesday, 26 August 2009

a country mouse crochets

Came across a fantastic book, The Happy Hooker, by Debbie Holler, which has some really unusual crochet patterns. I am a beginner crocheter and am already crocheting my second Garden Scarf (p.96). They are for 2 funky girls, my sister in law and my sister. I like Debbie Holler's approach: instead of teaching each crochet stitch individually she gets you hooked (see what I did there) on a particular pattern then you learn the required stitches as you go along. Through this I have learned single, double, half double and treble crochet. The book also tells you how to block your work and it worked a miracle on my first scarf, which went from a crumpled pile of raggy flowers into something wearable. I'll do a before and after picture when it comes time to block this scarf and you will see the transformation for yourself. I love the process as I have big thing for soap suds and warm water at the moment and it involves soaking, twisting and pummelling your work in soapy water before rinsing and stretching to shape on a drying rack. Very satisfying.


  1. The scarf looks fantastic, especially if you really are a beginner crocheter - gives me hope!

  2. Yes, a beginner. Learned as a child but forgot it all completely. If I can do it then anyone can - truthfully.