Sunday 10 October 2010

a country mouse goes to Edinburgh

Another year, another birthday, another trip to Edinburgh!!!! Lynn and I had a great day out. It's a real adventure for me these days to go somewhere like Edinburgh and it's an odd experience for both of us to walk at an adult pace without stopping every few steps to be shown sticks and stones and getting our pockets stuffed with conkers and worse. We had lunch in a very strange little place, Forest Cafe, with a hairdresser next door called Snip and Sip (sip vodka, that is). We resisted the temptation for a quick shampoo and set and headed off down Victoria Street instead. Quite a dark photo, but it is quite a dark little street and the nights are fair drawin' in.
And what should we come upon, half way down this picturesque street, but K1 Knitting Yarns, a beautiful little knitting shop. I took this photo in landscape and rotated it in Picasa to portrait, hence the Diagon Alley quality which does actually suit Victoria Street. I was all set to go in but had to remind myself that my budget did not permit a wool spree, and certainly not at tourist prices rather than charity shop prices, so I reluctantly walked on after pressing my nose to the glass like a starving Victorian orphan at a baker's shop. We both had to be home for a reasonable hour (we're old) so after packing Lynn off back to the farm I wandered down to the train station to catch the six thirty back to Glasgow Queen Street. I've had several very special birthday presents already so my next post will be a big thank you to my kind, thoughtful and generous friends. Goodbye Edinburgh; see you again next year.


  1. Happy Birthday to you!

    I haven't been to Edinburgh for years, something I need to remedy before too long methinks.

  2. Happy Birthday to you Country Mouse.

    Its good to read that you had another fab. day with your dear friend in Edinburgh. I was in Edinburgh not too long ago myself and visited the Forest too. It is def. alternative and very arty and studenty.

    Do you know there is or was a K1 Knits Glasgow just outside the West End zone near my old University halls of residence in Maryhill. I agree it is a very beautiful knitshop, but shame about the service. Last year when I went there for something (happy to go into detail, but I won't here) I found the attitude of the owner really unhelpful and off-putting that stunk of I am better than thou attitude. Plus it was never open at times it was supposed to be, but I was willing to overlook that in order to support an independent shop. Now I refuse to go there or recommend it to others.

    Sorry for the rant, I am pleased you had a good day in Edinburgh though. Lookign forward to seeing what Birthday goodies you were given.

    How lovely to have a day out with a friend mooching about in a lovely city - glad you enjoyed yourselves.
    Katie x

  4. happy birthday. I think I would not have been able to resist the wool shop.