Sunday, 11 October 2009

a country mouse feels the beat from the tambourine

"You are the dancing queen, young and sweet, only seventeen, doo doo doo doo doo doo..." I regret to report that country mouse was singing those very words, at top volume, at one o'clock this morning in a chinese restaurant karaoke room.
It was a, shall we say landmark, birthday for myself and 3 others so we got our mummy friends together and hit Sauchiehall Street to sing, dance and eat noodles. The karaoke DVDs caused much hilarity. They were obviously too cheap to pay broadcast fees for the proper videos for the songs so we got completely random footage instead. Girls looking thoughtful while wandering around wearing bikinis featured heavily, as did shots of, of all things, Georgian terraces in Bath, Sydney harbour and, best of all, Bavarian folk dancers slapping their thighs and giving it laldy to I'm A Believer. Everyone was up singing and dancing and many unfortunate cats were strangled.
Above is a photograph of the birthday cake our friends presented us with - mmm, chocolate sponge AND chocolate icing. We also each recieved a helium balloon with a big number on it, which we had to carry through all the YOUNG revellers on the way to our cars. Thanks for that, girls.
And on the subject of chocolate (one of my favourite subjects, after all), here are the chocolate chip cookies Little R and I made the other day. We got the recipe from Andamento's 7 Oct post. Or you can click to enlarge the photo below and try to decipher my scribbled version.
Unfortunately we had no chocolate chips, so Little R had lots of fun bashing a chocolate bar to bits using her own little rolling pin. She was lethal.
The result is shown below. They are a bit chunkier than Andamento's version so next time I will squash them down a bit flatter before baking, but they tasted delicious and didn't hang about for long.I am going to lay off the biccies for a while though, now that I'm not as young as I used to be. Have to do a lot of booty-shaking to work off that lot. You can dance, you can jive....


  1. Wonderful! Good for you. Sounds as if you had a wonderful time. Love the 'cheap' version of the DVDs :o)

    The cookies look yum - bet they didn't hang around very long.

  2. Nice to hear you tried the cookie recipe!

    Karaoke sounds great fun, especially with food and cake involved!!!

  3. Yes, it was a blast! Just the thing you need to convince yourself you're still a youngster!

  4. Delish, I'm heading over right now to find those cookies... I think I can smell them right through your blog.