Monday, 22 February 2010

a country mouse thinks of spring

I looked up from doing the dishes the other day and saw this. When I last noticed it, half an hour previously, the buds were closed. The only word is WOW. These tiny snowdrops in Granny and Grandado's garden may be at the opposite end of the glamour spectrum from the 3ft amaryllis but they are equally WOW.
More flowers, below, this time embroidered ones rescued from the charity shop. How many tray cloths does one mouse need, I know, I know, but they are so beautiful and so well made that I just have to have them.
I also bought these glass jars from the charity shop. I will think of something pretty to put into the big jars. Sweeties are the obvious choice but they wouldn't last long round here. Maybe some of the many shells we stripped from the beaches of Findhorn in the autumn. And the jam jars will come in useful when we start getting fruit from the garden again. Looking at the garden right now, it's hard to imagine it being anything other than muddy, leaf-strewn and cold out there but the amaryllis and the snowdrops have reminded me that things will soon improve.


  1. I don't think winter has finished with us yet but I can't wait for spring!
    I love the lidded jar, looks very pretty.

  2. Wow indeed! Very colourful. Love the tray cloths. Why do I always feel jealous when I see other people's embroidered charity shop treasures - I've more of them myself than I know what to do with! But those ones seem particularly lovely...

  3. Are those little flowers on the tray, grub roses? I'd like to learn to do them. One day I'm going to do a wall hanging with ribbon embroidery and it will have some of those too.
    I'd better get moving on that plan before my eyesight fails !!!

  4. I love it when I see signs of spring; I get soooooo excited with the first blooms of spring!

  5. I agree with Lyn, I don't think winter is 'done' with us yet. I too am itching to get into the garden and do some tidying up.

    I so enjoy going to charity shops too, the things you find in there are pretty unique. I like your tray cloths. Its not something I pick up that often, but they so remind me of my childhood, when mother embroided and had more than she knew what to do with. Unfortunately not anymore her eyesight is not so good now. And silly me, was not interested then in those 'skills' then.

  6. Those tray cloths are just lovely. No one has the patience now do they? Even if you don't use them, they're just so nice to have aren't they?

    Your post was a real bit of spring!

  7. I love seeing the first signs of spring, it really cheers! I love the tray cloths, I can not resist vintage embroidery! Suzie xxx